1. centaurdoingyoga:

    Sketching at the coffee shop rainygay. She’s drawing Impa from Hyrule Warriors. My sketches make so little sense starting out that even I forget what they are sometimes :p can you tell?

    Blee… good day with the lover-darls :) And hyrule warriors is amazing.

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  2. The article is a couple months old, but my feminist rage will never die.

  3. Okay… sometimes, characters come about because I do voices in real life to annoy my friends. This is Hacksephine, a ghostly comedienne. She died in 1982 when she choked on a pretzel bite in the back of a stand-up comedy club. She then haunted the place until the present day, when the condemned building was finally destroyed. After absorbing decades of local midwestern stand-up, she thinks she’s really got some comedy chops. But… she doesn’t. Her jokes are often horrible puns, and she ends every single one by laughing uproariously at her own cleverness. 

    "Why was the vampire grumpy after he drank too much?"


  4. flyingboxers said: I just read your comic and holy shit it send shivers down my spine and I'm getting goosebumps. The comic hit so close to my heart and I absolutely adore it. You did a stunning job with it and I freaking love it

    Wow… thank you, really. It truly means so much to me that you got a lot out of it. It’s my first real comic project that I’ve put out on the internet (other than my silly webcomic in middle school), so I was pretty nervous about sharing it. Thanks so much for your nice comment!!

  5. fleebites:

    Doodle I made for Rainy’s new comic, Jesus Christ, Jared

    Rainy wrote and drew this comic (and I helped a wee bit)!  It’s complete, self-contained, 25 pages long and YOU. ALL. SHOULD. GO. READ. IT.  It includes sad purple hair, sad cute chub-chub Jared, sad gay strife and Joanna Newsom undertones (still debating with myself whether or not this part of it is sad???). TW for homophobia in many highly unsavoury flavours.  Rainy said that this comic was a highly cathartic (i.e. semi-autobiographical) endaevour and many readers have said it really hits them in a deep, deep place.  I feel the need to hug her (and many others) as I read it.

    And look, with so much sadness, I made a thing. Wee!

    Read the comic on Tapastic HERE

    I reblogged Rainy’s original tumblr post HERE (sample images, summary, etc)

    Aww… My sweet darling F.Lee made a fanart of my comic! Not my art, but I thought I would share it with all of you :)

  6. Some concept sketches for Jesus Christ, Jared! Church boy Jared in middle school, to teenage mallgoth Jare-bear. 

  7. A color test of my feather-haired muse, Cassie. Tried a lot of new stuff with this! WHO ELSE IS PSYCHED TO MAKE ART RIGHT NOW?!

  8. WIP - corruption

  9. some life drawings from my commute… damn toned paper scans weird

  10. Hey! A bit more of a lighthearted post :) I have AUs for many of my characters, and I thought I’d post an AU of sweet Jared. This is from a fantasy universe where Jared is an elf (who can do fire spells.) He makes his fire by creating friction and then amplifying that into fire that he shoots at his enemies! It just so happens that the quickest way for him to do that is to rub his cute belly with both hands really fast :) 

  11. efflyafterdark:

    Gamayun loves Sphynx

    This was the cover to the collab comic that my darling and I did for SPX. I collabed on the writing, penciled the gamayun (Russian future-telling Harpy), and inked the comic. We will be putting it up online soon! 


  12. cosplayinggalaga said: HI! I don't know if you remember me, you met my gf and I at BCC. I bought you Rococo print and I am in love with it! Do you have a Redbubble? You are super talented!

    Of course I do!! Your cosplays were super rad and unforgettable :) I am so glad you liked my print! Unfortunately I am just getting into actually selling my art, so I don’t have a store yet… but one will hopefully be coming soon!


  13. Jesus Christ, Jared! is a comic that I debuted at SPX 2014. It is a story about a preacher’s gay son trying to figure himself out when it seems like everyone’s against him. This comic is partially autobiographical, and was very cathartic to write as a queer kid who grew up in a (stiflingly) Christian household. tw for homophobic slurs/actions 

    Available to read for FREE on tapastic!

  14. My first real inking “job”… Working on efflyafterdark pencils for our collab comic for SPX!! So far a fun challenge.

  15. Character design for a collab comic between me and fleebites for SPX!