1. My first real inking “job”… Working on efflyafterdark pencils for our collab comic for SPX!! So far a fun challenge.

  2. Character design for a collab comic between me and fleebites for SPX!

  3. One of the commissions I did at Bronycon… thought it came out kinda cute

  4. Gift art I did for cryptovolans at Otakon because I’m kind of obsessed with drawing fat dudes and Nico is freakin’ adorable :)

  5. A warmup doodle of my sphynx kitties Spider (pink) and Skorpion (tuxedo) as street fashion anthros.

  6. random teeny aj leftover from bronycon stuff that I never posted~

  7. process gif for my recent rococo cyclops painting :)

  8. Painting out some last-minute original art for Otakon… Have a Rococo-style cyclops!!

  9. When I tried out emofuri for the first time… of course I had to animate my mallgoth OC Jared… jiggly manboobs and all :P

  10. a few random sketches from work… me and some characters: accounting intern Levi, and Farsi interpreter Momo (his real name is Mehmoud, but he got the other nickname in college and it really suits him)

  11. some character designs for a graphic novel I’m planning… it revolves around an iranian-american trans man… anyway. Some drawings of Sabira and their sister.

  12. guess who somehow got a table at bronycon this year!

  13. when you ask why i look so serious in photos…

  14. I’m finally posting what I’ve been working on since January! I made an experimental visual novel for my senior thesis—and it’s finally available for FREE download online! These are cardboard cutouts I made for the gallery show display, of two characters in the game.  Saga, a cyclopic alien, and Cassie, a weather-robot who started to dream. I hope you check out the game, and expect more art of these guys soon! 

  15. I’m back, trying something new  ̻ ̊σ(˃̴͈◡ुමੈॆ⋆)˄̻ ̊~♡⃛